12" Monogram Round Wood w/ Handles
12" Monogram Round Wood w/ Handles
12" Monogram Round Wood w/ Handles

Last Name Monogram Wood Sign

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In your home, you can use this lovely round wood as a decorative sign. It can be used as a door/wall hanger or lazy susan. Gifts for family, friends, closing on a house, holidays, housewarming, anniversaries, weddings, and many other occasions can be celebrated with it.

Before placing an order, please read the product descriptions carefully.


Every wood sign is completely covered in stain and sealed with an indoor-use protective sealant for enclosed front doors and covered patios. For the wood sign to last longer and not peel or discolor over time, it is best to keep it out of direct sunlight.

You can select your wood size, wood stain, word color, and style. Screws are used on both sides to securely fasten the Lazy Susan turntable or wall/door hanger, depending on whether they have handles. Fonts can't be changed. 

**The monogram on this wood sign only includes the last name, initial, and estimated date. Please only enter the requested information in the space provided where it asks for your name and the establishment date.

Four rubber stoppers are attached to the back of this wooden sign. This will prevent any scrapes on your tabletop and help hold it in place. This round wood is sturdy and is made for easy spinning.

Design:  Last Name Monogram Wood The 12-inch-round, 1/4-inch-thick wooden sign is displayed. The stain color is dark walnut. Black paint is used for the name Morris and the estimated date, while white paint is used for the M initial. It has black handles that are securely attached to each side with screws.

**Your name will appear in black if you select to have your initial in white, and vice versa.

Wood Sizes

12" round wood, 1/4 " thick 

12" round wood, 1-1/8 " thick 

15" round wood, 1/4" thick

15" round wood, 1-1/8 "thick

18" round wood, 1/4" thick

18" round wood, 1-1/8" thick

**It is not advised to use this wood as a cutting board.

Care: Avoid washing in the machine or immersing in water. Wipe with a damp cloth.

Remember that this wood sign is lovingly crafted and hand-painted. Each wood is unique and will have natural flaws. No two signs are the same. The wood's grains, knots, and stains will therefore differ amongst each.